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Journalism and Politics provides a theme to the latest Reviews section. Professor Ivor Gaber, a well-known figure at AJE gatherings, offers a fascinating and topical insight into Stephen Cushion’s investigation of the changes which have taken place in TV politics, shedding light on how the format has developed and its implication for the practice of political journalism and audience engagement.

As the 2016 American presidential election gathers pace, Richard Jones offers a timely look back at a classic episode which changed political journalism forever in Matt Bai’s account of how Gary Hart’s quest for the Democratic nomination for the US presidency in the 1980s ended up focusing more on the personal than the political.

The serious issues around media plurality and democracy, which of course centre around political journalism, are examined in Steven Barnett and Judith Townend’s new edited collection, which offers a useful and timely new resource in an under-researched area for Journalism courses.

Meanwhile prolific book editor and regular JE reviewer John Mair delves into the fascinating career of former top BBC executive Roger Mosey, which progressed from local radio to BBC editorial supremo, via the Today programme and the London Olympics cov- erage, with some politics thrown in for good measure.

For those of you needing some comic relief from all the politics, Michael Foley comes to your rescue, recommending Michael Frayn’s journalism novel, Towards the End of the Morning, set in the Fleet Street of almost half a century ago, to offer a little context, and not a few laughs, to Journalism students and their tutors alike.

The Reviews section is, as ever, grateful to its small but enthusiastic band of reviewers and invites all AJE readers to suggest books about Journalism for review, or better still offer to review relevant works themselves.

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