1. Louise Matthews

    Helpful scholarly update on the issue,  thanks

    • Louise, glad you found it of use. If you can provide any leads for developing this research please let me know…

      • Louise Matthews

        I know it’s focused on England, but would it be useful/of interest to you to widen the initial Lit to take in some overseas examples? As has been an issue in Antipodes and interesting comparisons there and with US….¬†

        • C Wolfe

          Yes, this is a good idea Louise. We did find some interesting material about female newsreaders in the US. Interestingly some aspects indicated even greater pressure to look young and beautiful and yet there were clearly more older presenters still in their jobs!There have been some studies carried out. Not sure about the antipodes. Can you suggest any leads?

  2. Kim

    It would be interesting to see what Moira Stewart would have to add to this article! I also wonder why female news anchors never appear to reference their own experiences of motherhood – how many members of the general public could tell you which ‘young’ female newsreaders had children?

    • Yes, I think Moira Stewart would be interesting to interview. I will try to get some response. Your other point is really interesting and provides us with something to mull over.