Issue 4.1, Reviews

Reviews section


Pinkoes and Traitors by Jean Seaton, reviewed by John Mair;

Freedom of Information Act Ten Years On co-edited by Tom Felle and John Mair reviewed by Sarah Chapman;

Media Imperialism, by Oliver Boyd-Barrett and Global Communications by Cees J Hamelink, both reviewed by Alan Geere;

Key Readings in Journalism by Elliot King and Jane L Chapman is reviewed by Emma Hemmingway;

Periodicals and Journalism in Twentieth Century Ireland by Mark O’Brien and Felix M Larkin (ed) and Newspapers and Newsmakers: The Dublin Nationalist Press in the Mid-Nineteenth Century are reviewed by Michael Foley;

Journalism: Principles and Practice 3rd edtn by Tony Harcup reviewed by Gary Hudson.

Classics from the Journalism Bookshelf:

British News Media and the Spanish Civil War by David Deacon reviewed by Richard Keeble

Bad Science by Ben Goldacre reviewed by David Hayward

Reviews from Issue 4.1