Issue 10.1 book reviews

Lily Canter and Emma Wilkinson, Freelancing for Journalists – Review by Kerri Watt

Chris Frost, Privacy and the News Media – Review by David Baines

Tony Harcup, What’s the Point of News: A Study in Ethical Journalism – Review by Chris Frost

John Mair et al., Brexit, Trump and the Media – Review by Sara McConnell

Romaine Fullerton and Maggie Patterson, Murder in our Midst: Comparing Crime Coverage Ethics in an Age of Globalized News – Review by Chris Frost

Tom Bower, Boris Johnson: The Gambler, review by John Mair

Alan Rushbridger, News and How to Use it – review by Michael Foley

Patrick Barwise and Peter York The War Against The BBC: How An Unprecedented
Combination of Hostile Forces is Destroying Britain’s Greatest Cultural Institution ..And
Why You Should Care – Review by John Mair